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With the array of cosmetic options out there, plastic surgery isn’t the only way to alter or augment your features. You may have heard of dermal fillers, which are used to create a fuller appearance in certain areas of the face, often the cheeks. But why are cheek fillers so popular?

Cheek fillers are becoming one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments, up there with lip fillers and wrinkle relaxers. If you’re looking into cheek fillers, it’s important to not just follow the trends and social currents but to understand what they can do for you individually. Let’s explore what makes cheek fillers so popular, and some things to consider if you’re thinking about getting them.

If you have further questions about what cheek fillers can do for you, it could be worth having a consultation with a trained clinician. At Esteem Clinic, we offer a variety of bespoke cosmetic treatments to clients in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

What are cheek fillers?

When we talk about the popularity of dermal fillers for the cheeks, we need to be clear on what exactly they are. Dermal filler is a soft, injectable substance that holds its shape beneath the skin for a period of time. It largely contains hyaluronic acid (or HA for short). HA is found naturally in the human body, mostly in soft areas like the joints and eyes. It fulfils a similar function in injectable fillers as it does in these natural areas – working to retain moisture and hydration.

This presents a double benefit to cheek fillers. It not only adds volume to the areas where it’s injected, but it also helps retain moisture.

Although there are some potential benefits, this doesn’t mean the treatment is a good choice for everyone. Whether you can benefit from augmenting your cheeks depends on your cosmetic goals, natural features, and health considerations. Speak to a professional before you decide if you want to get fillers.

What they can achieve

Cheek fillers are made to treat signs of facial ageing, and one of the most common signs of ageing on the face is the descent of the cheeks. Over time, the volume in our cheeks tends to decrease, which can cause the facial skin to appear more lax.

Dermal fillers target such problems by augmenting the area, providing an increase in volume. Some people get cheek fillers in hopes of creating the appearance of more prominent or higher cheekbones. The treatment could also be sought to treat the following cosmetic issues:

  • Loss of facial volume due to ageing
  • Lack of cheekbone definition
  • Naturally low cheekbones
  • Descent of skin on the cheeks
  • Prominent nasolabial folds

Additionally, the treatment is adaptable. We can adjust the volume and position of the filler to the patient’s desires, which makes the procedure versatile. It’s also temporary, meaning with time, the filler will naturally dissolve into the body. You can then have top-up treatments if you so choose.

Non-surgical cosmetic option

Another aspect of the treatment’s popularity is the rising awareness that surgery isn’t the only cosmetic solution out there.

There’s been a recent rise in cosmetic treatments of all kinds, including plastic surgeries to refine or augment areas of the body. But plastic surgery isn’t appealing to everyone. People who only want a small change, or treatment for signs of ageing, may not want to go through the pain of surgery and the recovery afterwards. Injectable treatments like cheek fillers give people a less invasive and temporary alternative.

While there will be some recovery involved, cheek fillers don’t require any incisions or stitches. This generally means a shorter recovery when compared to surgical options.

Things to consider

Results will vary

Placement of the filler is important when it comes to achieving the patient’s desired look. Certain placement and volume may produce a different effect in some patients than others, due to their natural facial structure. This means results can look different for everyone, and you should make sure that you have realistic expectations.

Consult with a professional

Having a discussion with your dermal clinician beforehand will be very valuable. A cosmetic professional is trained to understand facial anatomy and how to achieve certain effects and facial contours. When you explain your goals and desired results, a qualified practitioner can advise whether cheek fillers are suitable for you, and your treatment options.

To speak with a professional about your path to cheek fillers, get in touch with our team at Esteem Clinic.

Recovery is important

Although cheek filler treatments are non-surgical, there is still a recovery process involved. Your body will need time to heal from the treatment as the filler settles into place. Make sure to follow any instructions given by your cosmetic therapist about how to take care of your treatment area and general health.

Be aware of the risks

Another thing to consider is that every cosmetic treatment has risks associated. As a result, this is a big factor to consider when choosing a clinic and procedure. The risks of dermal fillers include things like infection, poor or unwanted results, asymmetry, and ongoing symptoms like pain, swelling, rashes, and bruising. These are rare but important to be aware of.

Reasons to choose Esteem Clinic for cheek fillers in Gold Coast and Brisbane

If you are interested in this popular treatment, it’s important to make all due considerations about whether it’s a good option for you. If you want to know whether you might be a candidate, choosing a good clinic is important. You should choose a clinic with qualified and properly trained dermal therapists who display a good level of professionalism and compassion for your needs. This is what we strive for at our clinic.

Our team here at Esteem Clinic pride ourselves on helping clients reach their cosmetic goals, and we would be happy to speak with you about cheek fillers. Make an enquiry or book your private consultation with one of our dermal clinicians in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.