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Clinical Peels

‘s Peels are clinical strength, results-oriented treatments, designed to address specific aesthetic concerns. Clinical Peels are far superior to a standard facial in terms of truly visible results, and long-term rejuvenation and improvement in the skin barrier function.

The goal of any peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer of dead cells to reveal a healthier, stronger skin underneath. When performed by one of our highly experienced Esteem Clinic dermal therapists, a course of peels alongside a prescribed home-care regime, can be extremely effective at treating a multitude of skin conditions.

At Esteem Clinic, there are 7 different clinical peels available to clients.

Esteem’s dermal clinicians recognise that every face is unique, and every client has their own individual aesthetic goals. Our team of highly qualified, experienced dermal therapists and skin specialists are the best in their field. Before any treatment, you will have a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment suitability and aesthetic goals.

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7 Types available
  • Gentle Pomegranate Peel
  • Dermaceutic Mask Peel 
  • Milk Peel
  • Mela Peel Forte (2 Peels)
  • Mela Peel Forte (2 Peel) & Prep Kit
  • Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel (12%)
  • Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel Forte (40%)
How peels work

The goal of any peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer of dead cells to produce a healthier, stronger skin underneath.

Clinical peels can vary in intensity, from very superficial to deep epidermal exfoliation. Your specific skin concerns, along with your dermal clinicians’ assessment will help establish the most effective solution for you.

Areas treated

Clinical Peels are used to treat the face, neck and decolletage.

Concerns addressed

Esteem Clinic offers clients a full range of clinical peels to address the following concerns:

  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Oily skin
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dehydrated and dull skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven tone or texture
  • Pigmentation
What to expect

Most clients will feel tingling, warmth or prickling from a clinical peel, depending on the type of peel used and how long it is left on the skin for. Ultimately, peels will feel different from person to person.

A clinical peel will take approximately 20-30 minutes to perform. Your Esteem Dermal Clinician will cleanse the area to be treated, and then prepare the skin for the peel by applying a solution to clean away any oil on the skin. Removing excess oil ensures an even and deep penetration of the peel itself. Your dermal clinician will then apply the correct peel to meet your skin’s requirements, and leave the peel on the skin for the appropriate amount of time. Serums will be applied to the skin after the peel has been removed, to sooth any heat or redness from the skin.

Finally your dermal clinician will apply a sunscreen to protect the skin from UV damage when you leave the clinic.


Immediately after a clinical peel treatment your skin may appear flushed and feel warm. This may last just a few hours.

In the days following a regular clinical peel treatment your skin will look hydrated, fresh, and glowing.

In the days following a medium depth peel treatment you may experience some skin flaking or dryness before the skin settles to look fresh and clear. With either regular superficial or medium depth peels, it is normal (but not always the case) to experience some breakouts post peel, because of the resurfacing nature of this treatment.

Regular treatments are recommended to ensure continued improvements, and maximum benefit from at-home skincare products (ability to absorb and have affect).

Who is not suitable?

The following people are not suitable for clinical peels. Anyone who:

  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding can only have the following peel treatments (Gentle Pomegrante Peel)
  • Is prone to coldsores – MUST take anti-viral medication 2-3 days prior to treatment
  • Has had recent sun or solarium exposure
  • Who has recently had other treatments to the area (such as injectables, microdermabrasion, laser, waxing, electrolysis and depilatory cream)
  • Is on certain medications (such as Roaccutane)
  • Has impaired skin barrier function

Your Esteem Clinic therapist will confirm your suitability during the consultation process.

Post Treatment Care


–  Use antioxidants/hydrating and peptide serums as prescribed by your technician to maximise results.

– Avoid using advanced AHA, Retin A and exfoliation products (mechanical/physical or enzymatic) for 3-5 days post treatment.

– You must use SPF 50+ post treatment daily.

– Avoid direct sun exposure 1 week post treatment.

– Avoid heat generating activities e.g exercise, hot showers, saunas and swimming for 24 hours post treatment.

– Avoid facial waxing and hair removal procedures for 14 days.

– Using mineral make up is recommended post treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns after your treatment please call Esteem Clinic on 1300 693 783


Awards and Recognition

Esteem has been awarded Best Aesthetic Practice Queensland for three consecutive years, by the prestigious “My Face My Body Awards”. In 2018, Esteem was extremely proud to have been recognised as the Best Aesthetic Practice in Australia. Esteem was also honoured to have been entered into the “My Face My Body” Hall of Fame in 2018. These prestigious industry awards are testiment to the group’s ongoing commitment to delivering advanced aesthetic techniques and the latest in anti-ageing technology.
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