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Lip Augmentation Gold Coast and Brisbane

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Lip Augmentation

One of Esteem Clinic’s most commonly performed treatments is lip augmentation. With the flexibility to create highly personalised treatments and results, cosmetic injectables used on the lips can make a variety of aesthetic changes.

Lip augmentation can increase the overall volume of your lips and be used to define your lip line and minimise the lines above and below the lips, which can sometimes be exaggerated when pursing.

We recognise that every face is unique, and every client has their own individual aesthetic lip goals. Our team of qualified and experienced cosmetic injectors have been trained by Plastic Surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp. Before your treatment with lip injections, you will have a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment suitability and your desired outcome.

We have been performing treatments with  lip augmentation for over 25 years, so you can be assured that our treatments are performed with experience.

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How lip injections work

Lip augmentation injections incorporate hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally existing sugar molecule within the skin that stabilises its framework, attracts and binds water, and enhances elasticity. By utilising HA, lip augmentation can improve the appearance of the targeted area, according to the patient’s personal preferences.

What to expect

The level of pain experienced varies from person to person. The injections themselves are typically described as a mild pinching sensation. While the lip augmentation product is being injected, you may feel slight pressure or a tingling sensation.

Although the needle used is small, there is a possibility of slight bruising and bleeding at the injection site. To minimise any discomfort, you have the option to apply a topical numbing cream to numb your lips. For first-time lip augmentation treatments, we highly recommend using numbing cream.

The entire lip augmentation procedure usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Having a pre-treatment consultation is crucial. During this consultation, your registered nurse cosmetic injector will explain the procedure, assess your suitability, address any questions or concerns you may have, and establish realistic expectations.

Your consultation

Prior to scheduling your consultation, please be aware that if you have received a Covid-19 vaccine or flu shot within the last two weeks prior to your desired appointment date, you will be unable to undergo the lip augmentation treatment. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently taking antibiotics, the treatment is also not recommended.

During your consultation, we will focus on understanding your desired treatment goals and the specific results you wish to achieve. Then, we will determine the appropriate amount of lip augmentation needed and develop a treatment plan that aligns with your preferences. To ensure optimal results and minimise any potential complications, we will ask you some questions to assess your suitability for the treatment.

Following the consultation, we will provide you with guidance on preparation and aftercare for the lip augmentation procedure. We will also present you with an estimate of the treatment costs, considering the discussed treatment plan and your individual needs.

Lip Augmentation cost in Gold Coast and Brisbane

During your complimentary consultation, your treatment costs will be estimated based on your personalised treatment plan. The primary factor determining the cost of lip augmentation is the amount of augmentation you will require, measured in millilitres.

Several factors can influence your individual treatment plan and the amount of lip augmentation needed, including:

Desired outcome

Your desired outcome will shape the treatment plan and the amount of lip augmentation needed. Whether you want a subtle change or a more significant volume, it will influence the quantity used.

Lip anatomy and size

The natural shape and size of your lips will also be considered. Individuals with thinner lips may require less augmentation to achieve their desired result, while those with naturally fuller lips may need more augmentation for noticeable enhancement.

Individual response

Each person’s lips respond differently to augmentation, and your individual response will be taken into account. Some individuals may require less augmentation to achieve the desired effect, while others may need more.

Maintenance and follow-up treatments will be necessary as lip augmentations typically provide temporary results. The augmentation’s longevity and individual preferences will determine the need for additional treatments, which will incur extra costs.

For an estimate of your personalised procedure costs, you will need to schedule a consultation at one of our clinic locations, either Gold Coast or Brisbane. During the consultation, your specific treatment plan will be discussed, allowing for a more accurate estimation of the costs involved.

Post Treatment Care


We will give you some personalised aftercare instructions, taking your customised procedure steps into account. It will be important to follow these to minimise the chance of complications occurring, heal faster and see the best results possible.

General post-treatment care instructions can include:

  • Refrain from massaging the injected area unless instructed to do so during the treatment.
  • If you experience mild discomfort, you can take pain medication but avoid any anti-inflammatory medications that thin the blood.
  • Initial bruising and swelling may cause temporary unevenness at the injection site. If asymmetry persists after two weeks, it can be addressed during your follow-up appointment. The additional augmentation may incur extra costs.
  • Avoid engaging in physical activity or consuming alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Stay away from extreme heat for a period of two weeks.
  • Avoid consuming very hot or cold beverages for 24 hours.
  • It may take up to 14 days to fully see the results of the treatment.
  • Avoid lying down for four hours after the procedure to prevent pressure on the treated areas and accidental rubbing.
  • Any small bumps or marks will disappear within a few hours. If you need to apply makeup within four hours after the treatment, be gentle to avoid rubbing the treated area.

Let us know if you are experiencing any unexpected symptoms or have any questions during your post-treatment stage.

Risks and Complications

Before your treatment with lip injections, you will have a complimentary consultation, during which we can discuss the possible risks and complications associated with the treatment. You can then make an informed decision as to whether or not you feel comfortable to undergo the procedure. We will also provide you with some aftercare tips to help you minimise the chance of issues occurring post-treatment.

The risks and complications of dermal fillers for lips can include:

  • Swelling and bruising: It’s common to experience some bruising and swelling at the injection site, but this is usually temporary and will resolve on its own within a few days to a week.
  • Infection: Although rare, there is a small risk of infection at the injection site. This can be prevented by choosing a clinic with qualified and experienced injectors.
  • Allergic reactions: While hyaluronic acid-based fillers are generally well-tolerated, some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the product. Signs of an allergic reaction may include redness, itching, or swelling at the injection site. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Asymmetry or irregularities: In some cases, the distribution of the filler may result in asymmetry or unevenness in the lips. This can typically be corrected during a follow-up appointment.
  • Vascular complications: Rarely, the filler can inadvertently enter a blood vessel, leading to complications such as tissue damage, necrosis (tissue death), or even vision loss. This risk can be minimised by choosing an experienced and skilled injector who understands the anatomy of the face.
  • Bumps or nodules: In rare instances, small bumps or nodules may form at the injection site.
  • Migration of filler: There is a possibility that the filler may shift from its intended location over time. This can sometimes be corrected with additional treatment.

Lip Augmentation Before & Afters

Lip Fillers Gold Coast BrisbaneLip Fillers Gold Coast Brisbane

Lip Augmentation

Lip Fillers Gold Coast BrisbaneLip Fillers Gold Coast Brisbane

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentations FAQs

Who is not a suitable candidate for lip injections?

  • Individuals under the age of 18.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Individuals who have a hypersensitivity to the ingredients found in the product, specifically hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, amide-type local anaesthetics, and strep type-A gram-positive bacterial proteins.
  • Individuals with an active infection at the intended injection site.
  • Individuals who are currently experiencing a cold, flu, sinusitis, or urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • Individuals with a history of hypertrophic scarring.
  • Individuals who have undergone major dental work within the past four weeks or have scheduled such work within the next four weeks.
  • Individuals who have undergone rhinoplasty.

When can I expect to see the results?

You will see immediate results with lip fillers. However, it is important to note that your lips will be swollen. The degree of swelling varies from person to person. It is recommended not to have lip fillers done if you have an important event a few days post-treatment. 

Typically it takes about four weeks for the lip filler to settle in and achieve the final, desired look.

Whilst everybody is different, generally speaking, lip injections can last up to six months.

Do lip injections hurt?

Many individuals describe the sensation as tolerable and relatively minor. Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the lips to help minimise any potential pain.

What can I do to prepare for lip augmentation?

We will provide specific, personalised instructions to follow before your lip augmentation appointment. These may include avoiding certain medications or supplements that can increase the risk of bleeding, such as aspirin or blood thinners. Generally, staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, and planning your schedule to account for initial swelling after your procedure are good ways to prepare.

What happens if I’m not happy with my results?

Your lip fillers will naturally metabolise over time, so you can wait until the results from the treatment completely subside and either choose not to undergo another treatment or have a different treatment plan for your next appointment. We may also be able to use a filler dissolver to reverse the results if you would like to alter the appearance of your lips sooner. If we can improve the results by adding more filler or adjusting the shape or size, we may be able to do this during a follow-up appointment after your first treatment.

How can I work out how many millilitres of lip augmentation I need?

It can be hard to estimate the amount of lip augmentation you will need by yourself at home, so we recommend being open to the advice of our injectors when you come in for your complimentary consultation.

Awards and Recognition

Esteem has been awarded Best Aesthetic Practice Queensland for three consecutive years, by the prestigious “My Face My Body Awards”. In 2018, Esteem was extremely proud to have been recognised as the Best Aesthetic Practice in Australia. Esteem was also honoured to have been entered into the “My Face My Body” Hall of Fame in 2018. These prestigious industry awards are testiment to the group’s ongoing commitment to delivering advanced aesthetic techniques and the latest in anti-ageing technology.
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